An Alaskan Native Subsidiary of Unalakleet

Unalakleet Investments, LLC

Unalakleet Investments LLC

Unalakleet Investments LLC is currently UNC’s only subsidiary. Unalakleet Investments, LLC was formed in 1999 with the initial 18 years focused on leasing buildings to the Federal Government. The past three years it has been 8 (a) certified, and this past year 2017, Unalakleet Investments, LLC decided to expand its capabilities for business development revenue. The strategic vision for the firm was changed to a concentration on developing capabilities relative to emerging initiative technology. For success the company’s focus at large is to do work for organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State and Department of Defense. In order to do so the firm is partnering with small to large companies with past performances pertaining to these organizations. Although a relatively new switch in focuses for the company, the future of Unalakleet Investments, LLC is promising due to the amount of support and experience provided through trusted partners and personnel.

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Alaskan Native Corporation Owned

Unlike other 8(a) companies, Unalakleet Investments, LLC can receive sole source awards of any size that cannot be protested due to it's status as an ANC-owned company. The contracting process is also decreased immensly, often only taking place within two weeks. Agencies and government contractors are able to claim 100% Small Business numbers and Native American Set-Aside numbers when contracting with the subsidiary for UNC, Unalakleet Inestments, LLC. As a Prime Contractor our 8(a) sole sourced awards cannot be protested–13 C.F.R.124.517(a), Higher dollar Sole Source of $22 million without a director level signature (J & A), and Low Overhead and G & A) costs.

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In order to further along our company and achieve success Unalakleet has partnered with trusted partners with relationships in the federal space, the partners are as followed:

Sentrillion, Quanergy, AssuredPt, WilliamsRDM, Transocean Resources, and Bodyworn.

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